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Eson's operations will grow next year



Cai Jiaxiang, chairman of Pan Hon Hai Group's large mechanical parts manufacturer Eson-KY (5243), said yesterday (12) that he is optimistic about the momentum of shipments from automobiles and Netcom products next year, and the smooth entry into the low-rail supply chain will lead to excellent operations next year. This year.

Eson held a lecture yesterday. Yisheng’s third-quarter revenue reached a record high of 3.299 billion yuan. However, it was affected by the 20% to 30% increase in the price of raw materials this year, coupled with the outbreak of Southeast Asia, and the delay of mass production at the new factory in Vietnam. , The gross profit margin fell to 11.54% in a single quarter, the lowest in a single quarter in six years. The net profit after tax was 117 million yuan, a quarterly increase of 6.4%, and the net profit per share was 0.7 yuan.

The accumulated net profit after tax for the first three quarters of this year was 363 million yuan, an annual increase of 6.5%, and the net profit per share was 2.16 yuan. Yisheng said that although there was an agreement with customers to increase prices last quarter, the response was not enough. Part of the price increase effect was postponed to this quarter or the first quarter of next year. On the other hand, because TV applications accounted for a quarterly increase in revenue this year, It reached 48% in the previous quarter, and the product mix was unfavorable, resulting in a decline in gross profit margin. Other products include 30% of automobiles and 16% of servers.

Eson emphasized that the current company’s active agreement with customers to increase prices should help improve gross profit margins this quarter. Looking forward to next year, Eson actively enters applications such as automotive and cloud Netcom. At present, Eson has already supplied major electric vehicle manufacturers. Tesla's full range of vehicles, coupled with the benefits of expansion, will continue to grow next year's automotive products and become one of the camp's sports capabilities.

As for server applications, Eson has entered into major US customers. It has been mass-produced this quarter and is expected to contribute to next year's revenue momentum. In response to customer demand, Eson has plans to expand production this year, including Vietnam, Malaysia and Mexico. Among them, the expansion of the second plant in Malaysia is expected to be completed and put into production in June next year; the Vietnam plant has been completed this year and mass production will begin in the third quarter. Both plants are mainly engaged in the production of consumer products and Netcom cloud products.

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